Helen Shelby


In the professional world of Writers and Editors, it’s best to broaden your medium. Helen started in film with a background in production and got into content editing and writing for the Web in the hub of tech companies (Bay Area). From there, she was able to go back to her first love–creating, and became a writer in the software (video) computer game industry for several years, beginning with EA Games and ending with Apple. In 2008, I had a niche idea and decided to make the idea come to life. A few successful small business ventures later, and taking a break from the gaming industry, she’s been back working with Software companies and partnered in one, on various mobile application(s), contract writing and editing; everything from start-ups, marketing and business development from ground zero; including but not limited to Strategic Partnerships, Financing, Angel-Funding, and revolutionizing Millennials & gambling via Smartphone and Smartwatch technology.




As a Writer in the creative world of games and even films, creative, character development and environments are my calling, never missing a deadline and always thinking out-of-the-box. Through the years, I’ve also, gained extensive experience spearheading Strategic Partnership(s) with major Fortune 500 companies, brands, raised capital, specializing in running day-to-day operations, managing team(s), contract negotiations, demo meetings, being a part of major development for API’s, various platforms, everything mobile, Porting Games, Web Development, SEO’s, Social Media, concept development(s), communications expert, Geo-Fencing etc.